Find the ceiling that suits your needs

The roof is what covers all types of constructions and choosing the one that best suits our needs is the most important. There are ceilings of different materials and shapes, the fundamental thing is to choose the ideal for what you want.

Traditional materials


Roof tiles

 Quality shingles act as a protective barrier for your property, help keep your home properly insulated and apart they are quite economical.

Armed concrete

This is one of the most common materials in the construction of roofs, they provide great solidity and very good insulation. It is not so economical and its construction has greater scope, but if what you need is to continue building up is one of the best options.


It is one of the materials that have the best view, and although it does not look like it, its resistance is very good if it is isolated in the correct way. The wooden roofs are usually a great ally in cold climates because they keep the heat.


More risky materials


Although it is not recommended to place the entire roof in this material, the glass roofs are very aesthetic. They generate a very comfortable and at the same time modern environment. They are quite resistant, and their placement is expensive.

Green roofs


Lately it has been chosen to have roofs with plants, the so-called green roofs. This type of roof generates a great view while helping the environment. However, care must be taken with maintenance, it is important to choose plants that do not require great care and that adapt to the climate of the area.


There are many more materials to place your ceilings, these are just some of what we will show you for now. We love being able to help you decide what you want and how you want it. Remember that we are at your disposal to advise you.

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